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Af en toe is het goed eens voor de spiegel te gaan staan, ook als land(je). Het is natuurlijk ook te gek voor woorden hoeveel partijtjes er in de Tweede Kamer zitten. Nog afgezien van de kosten die dit voor de belastingbetalers met zich meebrengt, ontstaat er een onwerkbare situatie en moeten kleine partijen meepraten en beslissen over onderwerpen waar zij de kennis niet voor in huis hebben met alle risico's van dien. Ook kan ik kan mij niet aan de indruk onttrekken dat er een paar Kamerleden zijn die er alleen maar zitten omdat het een goed betaalde job is. Kortom een oproep om herziening van ons kiesstelsel.
Is optrekking van de kiesdrempel naar bijvoorbeeld 10% een oplossing?

Dhr. Lammers

Mister Henley, dear sir. Thank you for your interest in our humble country with the funny names of any Prime Minister. You are right, Wilders only exist through fear for immigration. Nothing else. He doesn't bring anything or anybody else to the plate. His party is an one-man-show. An air balloon filled with confetti. No substance, no backbone, fear is his message. You made the mistake of the century by asking the voters in a referendum for a Brexit. If we should make that same mistake, we would be out of the EU as well. You stated "Nobody wanted to read about Dutch politics". Who is nobody. The same nobodies who didn't understand what the EU was all about. The election in France will be totally different. Nothing to do with Wilders and his One Man Show. Hope you can pronounce Marine le Pen. Not a yellow submarine, but one to remember. Hope the weather is sunny in Paris and Berlin, later in the year. Bye.

Dhr. Hamers

P.S. Is Winston still Prime minister in Britain? After the Brexit is final, England will become the "Volendam" of Europe. We will stand in a special line again, at your custom's control and Chinese and Japanese tourists will visit you. Having a real taste of the "Vintage Europe", you cannot find anywhere else and a whisker of British humor, off course.

Dhr. Hamers

Hey Jon. I was just pulling your leg. British people are probably not familiar with Volendam from the famous rockband BZN. They sell smoked eel and dress up, for the tourists. Originally boat people, fishermen and/or what is left of this ones vibrant industry. We can also, sail in 5 hours from Hook to Harich, to visit your wonderful island. What I really wanted to say is, that you will be the "Cuba" of Europe. Still driving on the left, with your Beef Eaters, Guards with funny heads, James Bond and East Enders. Whatever happens to you. We will be friends in good times and in bad times. So long mate.

Dhr. Hamers

Morning Jon. You call yourself a journalist with special attention for Europe, meaning the continent, probably. My reactions came out of frustration. I found your article a bit snobbish. Like you are watching us from high up somewhere. Well you have got Farage and Ukip. We have got Wilders and the PVV. Spot the difference. We have got a multiculti society and yours is even more varied than ours. We try to stay boss in our own country and so do you. And off course the powerful people are the ones that run the BBC en Sky. With us the NOS en RTL. They only fish in the same pont. We call the Netherlands: The promised land on the North Sea.

Dhr. Hamers

P.S. "pont" should be pond. Did you know that most flights from Schiphol/Amsterdam go to Britain. Maybe just for the hub. I don't know. I think we have a problem there. I don't trust it. Could you check, being a continental specialist. thanks.

Dhr. Hamers

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